Random Thoughts by Anna K.

Jun 21

Letting Go

Just two months ago, I was busy minding the graduation of my first born. I really was not prepared at how it would feel having him start college and moving off to live in Manila. I was so used to having him in his room upstairs waiting to be called for dinner. Now, I have to content myself with the fact that he has gone off to start a brand new journey towards the fulfillment of his dreams and that this is a journey he has to do on his own. I am now left at the sidelines just waiting for him to ask for any support that he may need but essentially, I have to let go and allow him to soar in his own terms.

This was one thing there is no way to be prepared for. How does a mother really let go? How does she come to terms to the fact that her child has to be allowed to grow and make his decisions, emerge victorious by his own efforts and learn from his mistakes. As much as mothers would always want to forever shield their children from the harshness of this world, mothers have to allow children to sometimes get hurt and learn to pick up the pieces and move on for this is the only way that they would build character and become stronger.

Although I am letting go, I will still be watching and hovering like a hawk… 

Feb 05

During LCS’ concert Shine…

Jan 19

Lyceum Rocks @ 10!

Watch Parokya ni Edgar live at Lyceum of the Philippines-Laguna on February 25, 2011. For ticket inquiries call Ceejay @ 049 5028946 or text Anna @ 09175026625 or 09234632013.

Dec 30

MMA 1-1 P.S.

Happy New Year to all of you!!!

Dec 30

MMA 1-1

As announced by our dean last December 22, 2010, your preliminary exam has been moved to Wednesday, January 5, 2011. 

Group 2 should prepare for their report as they will be reporting right after we finish checking your exams. Please do not forget to bring your examination permits. 

Coverage is still the same. 


Miss A

Nov 29

avicencio asked: Mam, nakapost na po ba yung lecture nyu nung last wednesday? May hinahanap lang po ako na painting

yup. i have already posted in in my multiply account. and to answer your other question, yes…please pass hard copy of the mona lisa group assignment. thanks!

btw, so sorry for having answered too late. been out of the weather lately.

Nov 24

MMA 1-1: On your accounts

Please make sure that you use the first letter of your first name and full last name in your tumblr account names so it’s easier for me to track your work and grade them accordingly. thanks! carrie, kindly pass this message along to everyone.

Oct 24

Final Individual Project!!!

The following students have not yet submitted their final individual projects in Comm Tech. Please upload here at Tumblr or give me a file copy in school before Tuesday, 9:30am. Failure to meet this deadline merits a grade of 50 for the project. NO MORE EXTENSIONS!!! THIS IS MY FIRST AND FINAL CALL:

1. Calinisan, Edilaine R.

2. Esteban, Mark Dillon DJ.

3. Lacson, Karl Isaac M.

4. Magtibay, Ian Christopher L.

5. Tacub, Maria Carmela

Thanks to all those who have already submitted. Your creations are all great to watch!

Oct 21

MMA 1-1…

Congratulations! You are almost officially done with your first semester as college students. I am so proud of the many achievements that you have reached this early. I believe MMA 1-1 has more to show and prove and that you will be shining brighter in school soon! I am going to miss our Wednesdays and your constant bantering about the deadlines and quizzes! :-)

Do better in your academics and be more involved in school activities and events. Make me prouder! I look forward to working with you for the Tri-Cultural Christmas Show! Those who are willing to help with the digital effects, you may join us on Tuesday, 2:30pm, Rm 205-A. Likewise, I look forward to the beautiful ideas I’m sure you already have for the school mascot, that will be another feather on your cap! 

We will still be seeing each other…if we don’t get to have a sem ender party, let’s make sure we have a Christmas party, okay? Please do not hesitate to approach me should you need someone to talk to regarding anything…just don’t ask me for money though. hehehe…

God bless you all! Take care and enjoy the break!!!

Miss A


Please do help us in the Christmas show and let’s all continue to communicate through Tumblr. Thanks! 

Sep 18

Reaction Montage and Life Story Video

MMA 1-1,

Please bring the soft copies of these assignments. I will be copying them for documentation purposes. Do not forget this…BRING THESE FILES ON WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2010:

1. Reaction Montage on Last Supper No. 3; and

2. Life Story AVP with 3 major background songs and pictures.

How is the new project coming along? The file of the picture of MMA Laboratory with you as models are in the PC of Ms. Laika, CAS Secretary. Please copy and include in the MArketing AVP. I am so sorry I was not able to copy them and send to you myself as I promised because I was so caught up with my assignments and papers. So sorry. Promise to make it up to you…Kindly do all necessary measures to be able to include those pictures, we need to market our course! hehehe.

BTW, the ppt file is too big to attach in yahoomail. Hope you already copied it from VP Carrie.



Good news: your class adviser won first place in the Essay Writing Contest for Graduate Students at Lyceum Batangas. Just got the news today…wanted to share it with all of you.

Once again, thanks for understanding changes in schedule and failure to send file of pictures. Your support is much appreciated.

Miss A

Sep 04

Back To School @ 35! →

Sep 04

Back To School @ 35! →

Aug 29


MMA 1-1,

Congratulations on your victory last Friday! You have made me proud…

Aug 29
Aug 24

MMA 1-1 Reminders…

1. Please prepare a list of all those who will be joining Academic Noise…a sound workshop to be held at La Salle Lipa on September 6, 2010. Tickets are Php 50.00 and transportation will cost Php 90.00 from LPL to La Salle and back. VP Carrie, please get a copy of the waiver from me on Thursday. I need them back by September 1, 2010 together with the final list.

2. VP Carrie please remit payments for the Activista Film showing to Ms. Lyka on Wednesday, August 25, 2010. Also, ask from Ms. Lyka your class’ schedule to watch. You will be excused from your classes for this. I think this is going to be a requirement to your class with Mr. De Grano. I will also be asking you to make a reaction paper on this.

3. Let me know your plans for the booth on Friday. I will be in school on Thursday.

4. Prepare three songs that could best represent your childhood, teen-age years and your present college life. Make a medley out of the three songs and prepare pictures you could present with them. Prepare a 3- to 5-minute AVP using the pictures and medley as background music with relevant texts. This is to be submitted on September 8, 2010. I will have someone demo to you sound editing long before this deadline. If you want to get ahead with this assignment though, you may already contact our resource person for this, Mr. Maki Urzo, the technical head of the Dance Troupe. He will be most willing to answer your practical queries on this, just introduce yourself as my student in MMA.